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Orphan boy in Kenya

$20,000,000 Goal

Support an African Orphanage

Fuel our organization’s efforts to help the children under our care thrive. The orphan dilemma has worsened as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

An estimated 3.6 million children have been abandoned by one or both parents in Kenya alone. According to BioMed Central, sub-Saharan Africa is home to approximately 55 million orphaned children.

At GADMT, we believe we can significantly reduce the crisis by coupling agricultural vocational training with the school system and extended family care interests to produce socially skilled children after secondary school and help them become productive members of society. For orphaned children, many schools also provide round-the-clock care, including sleeping arrangements and as many meals as economically possible. Will you assist us in providing these necessities through our network of participants, starting in Kenya, East Africa? 

Our partner in Gilgil, Kenya, Shalom Preparatory Academies, has agreed to provide for as many additional school candidates as the contributions will support.

Percentage to Goal of $20,000,000
Mangoes hanging from their mango tree

$50,000,000 Goal

Sponsor a Mango Tree

Fund the care and harvesting of mango trees to support African farmers. Mango farming is a common practice across sub-Saharan Africa. 

Specific varieties of mango have additional properties and economic potential for alleviating poverty. However, various issues lead to post-harvest losses, which affects families’ ability to meet their most basic needs.

The GADMT has plans to assist farmholders in establishing mango trees within their land areas, providing seedlings for producing the valuable fruit and additional income to overcome financial constraints and hunger. By partnering with the Debele Mango Corporation, we aim to give mango producers the tools for success, including harvesting equipment, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) education, updated irrigation systems, grass restoration, and soil quality maintenance. Will you join us in supporting those involved in mango production and harvesting throughout sub-Saharan Africa? Your contribution can help African communities thrive economically, promote sustainable agriculture practices, and increase the availability of delicious, nutritious mangoes across the globe. 

Percentage to Goal of $50,000,000
Shalom prep students ready to learn in the classroom

$10,000,000 Goal

Support an African School

Give to ensure primary and secondary school students have access to quality education. At public schools, learning is inadequate due to overpopulation. 

In Kenya, public schools are largely financially dependent upon the parents to support each child’s attendance and participation. All supplies (books, workbooks, and learning aids), meals, and even daily transportation must be paid for at the public school level.

The GADMT seeks to collaborate with various schools to assist children in participating fully from primary school to junior secondary school and then secondary (high) school. 

Fees vary depending on the grade level and the distance the child lives from the facility. 

However, our goal is to help schools, teachers, and students directly, as well as work with government entities to improve educational outcomes. Will you support our efforts by contributing to this initiative? 

With Shalom Preparatory Academies, the GADMT aims to impact children in Kenya and beyond by making education accessible to all. 

Percentage to Goal of $10,000,000