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Assist Mango Farming in Africa

Cultivate Fruitful Livelihoods for Communities

Sponsor a Mango Tree

Mango farming in Africa has great potential, but it’s not without challenges. Many farmers in Kenya have difficulty overcoming problems such as pests, climate change, diseases, and inefficient equipment. Additionally, inaccessible roads, inadequate storage facilities, and poor post-harvest handling often lead to high post-harvest losses. In fact, producers lose an average of 40-45% of their crop yield. When growing, harvesting, and transporting mangoes is their primary source of income, families are left struggling to meet their basic needs.

Kenya’s mango-processing industry provides livelihoods for millions of farmers and creates additional employment opportunities in processing facilities. As such, we believe these producers should be equipped to capitalize on their potential and the high demand for mangoes. That’s why the GADMT created a program allowing individuals to sponsor a mango tree in Africa—a project that, in total, encompasses more than 200 producers and 1.6 million trees!

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Amount Raised 32%

$50,000,000 Goal

$16,000,000 Raised

With the support of philanthropists like you— 

who care about sustainable agriculture—we can give more farmers the tools for success.

By becoming a sponsor, you can make a tangible impact. When you sponsor a mango tree in Africa, 

roughly 60% of your contribution is applied toward the following:

  • Purchasing new harvesting equipment
  • Ensuring the health of a mature tree
  • Providing farmers with a living income
  • Updating irrigation systems
  • Maintaining soil quality
  • Educating farmers on Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Restoring grasses within the Savannah Zone

You Can Help

You can play a role in improving mango farming in Africa— empowering farmers helping communities

and providing for the growth of delicious and nutritious fruit.

Note: By contributing, you can also look forward to receiving a gift of appreciation.

  • $250–$2,500: A certificate of participation
  • $2,500–$5,000: A Shalom t-shirt
  • $5,000–$10,000: A Shalom appreciation plaque or award
  • $10,000–$25,000: A personalized thank-you video
  • $25,000–$100,000: An on-site plaque with name recognition
  • $100,000–$500,000 & over: TBD

Drive Growth

Help farming communities thrive economically.

Support Agriculture

Promote sustainable agriculture practices.

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Sponsor a mango tree in Africa today and make a lasting difference.

By working together, we can cultivate prosperity and nurture futures!

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Everyone deserves a better quality of life for themselves their families and their communities.