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Contribute to Education in Africa

Build a Brighter Future for Students

Support an African School

Due to various issues related to education in Africa, children aren’t reaching their full potential. In Kenya specifically, quality standards aren’t properly enforced, and coordination efforts to deliver development services are weak. Further, government expenditure per student is lower than the world average—and students in the poorest areas receive significantly less. Many students are forced to sit in crowded classrooms, share outdated textbooks, and even go without lunch. Despite their best efforts, teachers aren’t able to give each eager young mind the attention they deserve. As a result, learning outcomes are low.

At the GADMT, we believe education is a fundamental human right. Every child should have the chance to learn and grow. That’s why we’ve launched a project to fund education in Africa—one that impacts more than 3.8 million students between 4 and 18 in Kenya alone. In addition to improving existing schools and building new ones in areas of need, our efforts serve the Ministry of Education’s Early Learning and Basic Education Programs and the Kenya Global Partnership for Education Compact.


Shalom prep students in class ready to learn
Amount Raised 22%

$10,000,000 Goal

$3,000,000 Raised

With your support, we can do more for each African school and strengthen the education system as a whole!

By contributing any amount today, you can help deliver essential resources and equalize learning opportunities. 

When you give, roughly 60% of your contribution goes toward the following:

  • Purchasing school supplies
  • Providing meals
  • Furnishing classrooms
  • Outfitting students with uniforms
  • Hiring and training teachers
  • Delivering curriculum support materials
  • Establishing health and hygiene practices
  • Covering operating expenses

You Can Help

Ultimately, you can feel confident that you’ll be lending your support in a way that counts— equipping teachers. empowering students. transforming education.

Note: By contributing, you can also look forward to receiving a gift of appreciation.

  • $250–$2,500: A certificate of participation
  • $2,500–$5,000: A Shalom t-shirt
  • $5,000–$10,000: A Shalom appreciation plaque or award
  • $10,000–$25,000: A personalized thank-you video
  • $25,000–$100,000: An on-site plaque with name recognition
  • $100,000–$500,000 & over: TBD

Ignite Hope

Open up new possibilities for students of all ages.

Close Gaps

Bridge educational disparities and uplift Africa.

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Children Impacted in Kenya
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Together, we can break barriers unlock potential pave the way for a brighter tomorrow!

Students outside at a Shalom Preparatory school
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Everyone deserves a better quality of life for themselves their families  and their communities.