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Provide for Orphans in Africa

Improve the Lives of Children in Need

Support an African Orphanage

As a result of disease, displacement, conflict, there are approximately 55 million orphans in sub-Saharan Africa.

Research shows Kenya alone is home to an estimated 3.6 million parentless or otherwise vulnerable children ranging from one month to 18 years old. The growing crisis has made it difficult for extended families to take on the caretaking role, leaving many children without support. Instead, they’re forced to fend for themselves. These children have no other choice but to take on often dangerous work just to afford to buy food, shelter, and clothing.

We firmly believe these children are meant for more. That’s why the GADMT created the Shalom Preparatory Orphanage in Gilgil, Kenya. At this institution, those without family support can receive the care they need not just to survive but to thrive. 

Poor little girl wearing dirty clothes in an African village,
Amount Raised 22%

$20,000,000 Goal

$11,000,000 Raised

With the help of compassionate individuals like you, we can open our doors to more children in need. 

Further, we can expand operations and build additional orphanages in other areas, starting with Turkana County, where living conditions are especially poor. 

Every contribution makes a difference. By giving any amount, you can trust that roughly 60% of your contribution will go directly toward the following:

  • Serving nutritious meals
  • Providing new clothing
  • Creating a comfortable environment
  • Giving access to education
  • Offering recreational activities
  • Delivering medical care
  • Investing in staff
  • Providing counseling services
  • Facilitating adoptions
  • Constructing new facilities

You Can Help

Becoming a contributor gives you the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the lives of orphans in Africa—putting them on the path to a better tomorrow. 

Note: By contributing, you can also look forward to receiving a gift of appreciation.

  • $250–$2,500: A certificate of participation
  • $2,500–$5,000: A Shalom t-shirt
  • $5,000–$10,000: A Shalom appreciation plaque or award
  • $10,000–$25,000: A personalized thank-you video
  • $25,000–$100,000: An on-site plaque with name recognition
  • $100,000–$500,000 & over: TBD

GADMT, together with Shalom Preparatory Orphanage, is impacting children all across sub-Saharan Africa, starting in Kenya and Kenya's Turkana county.

Our goal is to expand to many other African nations, as the need is great.

Contributions from the GADMT have made a world of difference. We’ve been blessed with the resources to welcome several new children to our orphanage and get them off the streets.

Flora Wambui Gitigi Benefits Administrator/Director of Administration

Why Contribute?

Join hands with the GADMT in helping orphans in Africa by giving them the security they long for. 

Support our African orphanage and create a better future for every child in our care.

Ensure Safety

Offer refuge from danger and uncertainty.

Provide Stability

Give children a solid foundation for growth.

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Let’s build a nurturing environment of hope and opportunity where children flourish!

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